House Wine

Situated in DOC Monteregio di Massa, the house wine is produced by Azienda Agricola Campo Bargello and has been personally chosen as a quality product that reflects the characteristics of wine produced in the region. We have checked both the quality of the vines and the vinery, selecting in your interest a high quality product at an excellent price. The wine is made with Sangiovese grapes from selected vines planted 6000 to every hectar. The final product is distinguished by its perfume, drinkability and it is a perfect accompaniment to our restaurant's cuisine. The white wine is recognisable by the freshness of its perfumes gained from the Vermentino grapes.
Rosso disponibile sfuso e in Magnum da 1,5lt
Rosso riserva 0,75 lt
Rosso Alicante in purezza 0,75lt
Bianco Vermentino in purezza 0,75lt