First Courses

Cream of fresh vegetable soup
Gnocchi with seasoned lard and fresh cherry tomatoes
Spinach and parmesan balls in butter and sage
Pappardelle with boar gravy
Fagottini with gravy (Rag¨ Bolognese)
Giant Ravioli with Ricotta and spinaches sautÚed with butter and sage or with gravy
Pappa al pomodoro
Cinque di Vino's Lasagne
Pappardelle: wild boar sauce, duck sauce, sauce of rabbit, venison sauce
Farro and Bean Soup
Garganelli Tuscan sausage
Onion Soup
lack Cabbage soup with chick peas
Mezzelune (half moon pasta) filled with truffle and fresh pear
Cream of Pumpkin
Nonna Tosca's Ribollita